How to organise and plan your cycling trip

How to organise and plan your cycling trip

How to organise and plan your cycling trip

You’d like to try and enjoy a cycling trip but you don’t know how to prepare it ? This article is made for you !
With this type of stay, you can escape from your daily life and meet new people, all in an economical way and in communion with the nature.
You are going to read six tips to follow to help you prepare your trip as it should be and enjoy it to the fullest !

Tip number 1 : Plan your cycling trip

Preparing for your cycling trip requires a certain organization so that it goes as well as possible and you must therefore consider various points such as the choice of the period. Do you prefer to travel in strong heat under a bright sun or, on the contrary, enjoy the winter landscape and the relatively cold temperatures that accompany it ? It’s up to you to decide according to your preferences, as well as your resistance to different climates to make your cycling holiday as easy as possible.
Another important choice will be the lenght of stay. The organization will not be the same if you leave for a week or a month ; i twill only depend on you and will guide you to choose a route in accordance with this choice. We advise you to remain flexible on the dates of your stay because an unforeseen event related to the weather or a bicycle problem can happen quickly.

Tip number 2 : Define your itinerary

Choosing the right distance for your itinerary maximizes everyone’s pleasure ! Steps that are too difficult will quickly become a chore and that is why you will have to take into account the people you are traveling with (family with children, friends, …) and assess the physical abilities of each traveler. If you are traveling as a family, we advise you to limit yourself to stages of around 18 miles per day in order to avoid the accumulation of tiredness. If you like cycling outings, these stages can range from 25 to 38 miles, or even form 50 to 62 miles for the most experienced riders.
However, remember to allow for a margin of error in case of unforeseen events : route error, elevations gain that will add difficulty to the stage or quite simply a drop in morale and energy during a day of your cycling trip.
Once you have determined the distance to travel, you will define your starting and ending points. For this, you have the possibility of choosing an already existing cycle route, such as La Loire à Vélo, or of creating your own route according to your desires. If you don’t want to worry too much, choose and already existing one. All you have to do is pedal !

Tip number 3 : Find your travel bike

This is undoubtedly the most important ! Your bike is the essential element of your journey, so it should be as comfortable as possible and the most suitable for your travel plans. If you do not ride regularly in your daily life, we advise you to favor bike rental, which will allow you to make great savings.
Once you have found your bie, consider adding panniers to help you carry all your equipment. Finally, do not hesitate to take an interest in the basics of mechanics, this could prove very useful in the event of a problem with your bike.

Tip number 4 : Choose your accomodation well

It’s up to you to decide if you prefer to sleep in a bivouac, in a campsite or even combine the two during your cycling holiday ! It is advisable to invest in a quality tent, large enough to be able to store all the equipment, and a suitable mattress to optimize your recovery. Do not forget to bring a sleeping bad warm enough to be able to sleep properly whatever the outside temperature, but also a tarpaulin to protect the biles from the rain.
If you want to spend the night in a campsite, know that Camping au Bord de Loire has the Accueil Vélo Label. It means that it fulfills different quality criteria which are :
  • A location less than 3 miles away from a bike route
  • A warm welcom with practical information and advice on roaming
  • Equipments for cyclists, such as a bicycle repair kit or a pump
  • Bike rentals in Gennes
It is essential to focus only on campsites with this label during your trip. For this to go as well as possible, you will have to anticipate the reservation of accomodation to ensure a place, as well as making sure you have a free cancellation option.

Tip number 5 : Bring essential equipment

A cycling trip cannot take place without the right equipment ! Remember to take a map with you so as not to take the wrong route, but also to download applications on your phone to be sure to find your way back. Also remember to bring spare equipment for your bike, such as a pump, a spare inner tube, an adjustable wrench to tighten your mount, …
Be careful all the same to bring the bare essentials so as not to overload yourself, which could increase the difficulty during the stages.

Tip number 6 : Photographing your cycling trip

Telling about your cycling trip is good … But showing it with memories, it’s better ! What’s better than to immortalize these unique moments and be able to remember them months or even years later. We advise you to take as many pictures and videos as possible during your stay, you won’t regret it ! Although some phones have a more than adequate photo quality, there is no substitute for a good camera. Prefer a fairly compact one, not too bulky to be able to carry it easily with you but still of quality. Store it in your handlebar bag, so you can easily access it at any time !

That’s it, you’re ready to go ! We have given you all our advices so that your cycling trip goes as smoothly as possible. If you follow them to the letter, all you have to do is enjoy your holiday !